This is a blog meant to connect and support those that want to serve. My 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to focus on finding my life’s service mission, but like most resolutions it was easier said than done.

My husband volunteers to co-lead a mentorship program in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, which he has a true passion and calling for. I’ve grown envious of this over the years. The program requires him to find time during his week to prepare and to get up early on Saturday mornings from October to early April. He then makes the hour and a half drive from our home to Baltimore and spends three hours in the companionship of 25-40 high school students. He never gets too tired to commit to this program and the impact the students have on his life is truly significant. Like I said, I was jealous.

So I spent the year praying and meditating on service (gratitude too, but this blog isn’t about that). I pursued a variety of charities and sought out the mentorship of one of the most service-oriented people I know. The summer came, but the warm weather did not bring with it any additional clarity. In frustration, I decided to dedicate the fall to the idea of service in general. I got up everyday looking for ways to serve. Not necessarily big ways, but any way possible. I started asking myself constantly, “Am I serving right now and who am I serving?“. What unfolded was not just a series of service related tasks, but a service way of life. I found that my energy increased exponentially and I was a more connected wife, mother, leader, and follower. The focus on my own being got smaller and I became happier and more forgiving to others and myself.

Creating this blog is a way to share this service journey with others. I’ll tell stories and offer whatever insights I’ve gotten so far, but I also hope you’ll share back and teach me what you know on this topic. I hope that some of you will walk this service path in partnership with me and/or seek it out on your own. Either way, I thank you for stopping by and I hope the visit serves you well.

Should you want to reach out to me directly you can send me a message at kserving@gmail.com.

One thought on “About

    Coley Christine said:
    January 21, 2014 at 3:39 am

    Love your story!! Thank you for reaching out to me on my blog post today. I love your heart behind your own blog.

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