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My calling is to help people build intentional careers and meaningful lives. But for many of us, the kind of 1:1 coaching work I do is inaccessible or unaffordable. Yet most people need extensive career support to get where they truly want to go.

You deserve to discover and achieve your unique ambitions, which is why I’m especially passionate about providing free (no strings attached) resources to help you guide yourself through critical career assessments and job transitions. I know that self coaching can be quite effective when you are properly informed, prepared, and committed.

You can learn more about me and my mission here.

The 6 Conflicts of Work

Sometimes the hardest part of pursuing meaningful work is navigating the dilemmas that seem to keep us stuck and unable to take the next best step

Fear of playing it small and wasting your potential mixed with fear of pushing yourself beyond your capabilities

A desire to remain humble or learn from previous mistakes that warps into self-doubt and insecurity about your skills

Trying to build a rich and captivating work life without letting your profession become your identity or alter your priorities

Finding a way to make enough money to provide reasonable comfort and security without getting trapped in the wrong job

Deciding what it means to “be yourself” at work when that differs from the standards you see around you

Trying to define your gifts and passions but becoming confused and frustrated with the pursuit

The Struggle is Real

If you see yourself listed above, welcome to the club. Everyone here is wrestling with the same questions and conflicts. We’re in this together.

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