February Service Inspirations. It’s all about love.

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It’s hard to ignore the elephant in this month – Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day stirs a variety of emotions for people (and not all are positive emotions). I feel  blessed that Valentine’s Day sits in the middle of our glorious February. It reminds us that we get to decide what a day focused on love means. We get to decide how we spend this month and with whom. We get to live our unique versions of love.

I encourage you to focus February on serving those you love. As in January, you will find this month’s service ideas below. Try them if you feel inspired or create ones of your own.

February Service Inspirations

1. Make a special Memory game and give it to a loved one.

  • Select 10 photos of you and a special person together (or places you’ve been together).
  • Print 2 copies of each photo in 4×6 for 20 total pictures.
  • Paste each photo on an index card. Make sure each index card is the same color.
  • Trim the extra photo around the edges of the index card.
  • Play Memory with your loved one revealing moments together at each turn of a card.
  • Let them win (optional).

2. Prepare an Emergency Kit for your family or someone else you love.

3. Stock someone special’s car with healthy snacks.

  • Custom made trail mix and water are great ideas. I like almonds, cashews, and dried cranberries but there are many options out there. It’s inevitable that they will end up in their car hungry or thirsty. That’s when they’ll think of you.

4. Give flowers or a plant.

  • This might seem cliché, but I’m a firm believer in the power of nature to heal and restore.

5. Give them your undivided attention.

  • This shows up in almost every list. It is one of the very best ways to serve someone. Anyone. It is especially a good way to serve those you love.

Who do you love?

How would they want to be served?

Serve Simply Service, by sharing or tweeting this post. Thanks in advance!

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