Serving someone with a broken heart. Here’s 10 things to say.

broken tree heart

What’s harder?

A. Having a broken heart


B. Loving someone with a broken heart

The answer is A.

Heartaches acute pain can pack a punch that threatens to knock out those we love. Most of us have also experienced being knocked out by its punch. And, it isn’t pretty. Valentine’s week is especially tough for the heart broken.

When someone you love has a broken heart almost everything you do for them is an act of service. This is also when your words have an incredible power to comfort, heal and uplift. Here are some things I try to say because there were times when I desperately needed to hear them.

10 Things to Say that Serve a Broken Heart

  1. “This is going to hurt for much longer than you hope it will. I need to tell you this so you don’t expect more from yourself than what is possible”.
  2. “You will likely do something desperate or embarrassing if you haven’t already. You might even do it multiple times. That’s alright. We’ve all been there.”
  3. “Yes, my life is busy but I have time for you.”
  4. “He didn’t know you. He knew a version of you in a bad relationship. That isn’t who you are in total”.
  5. “I want better for you. I know you miss her a lot. But you could receive so much more love than what you were getting.”
  6. “Be sad. You’re giving this fight to get happy again all you have. But whenever you need to take some time to be sad you shouldn’t feel bad about it.”
  7. “I need you in my life. He may not have needed you and that hurts, but I do.”
  8. “Yes, I think you’re correct. You made some mistakes. So did she. But you’ll get a chance to do better next time and I know you will.”
  9. “Yes, I am tired of talking about him, but I’m happy to keep doing it if it is still helping you move on. Is it?”
  10. “I love you and I’m not saying that to make you feel better. I really love you”.

What do you say?

What do you like to hear?

The comment floor is open.

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