What questions are you asking yourself? The world waits for your answers.


“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”  –Voltaire


Oprah Winfrey frequently asks her readers and guests one of my favorite questions – “What do you know for sure?”

You may have noticed that I frequently post lists of questions. The right questions can be so powerful. Questions can be the fastest path to your growth, peace and joy. And what I know FOR SURE is that growth, peace and joy are the reasons we’re here on earth.

The questions you ask will dictate the answers you find. So I hope this post encourages you to examine what questions you’ve been seeking answers to. I also hope you’ll consider asking yourself the questions below if you haven’t already. These questions are especially important because they will help shape your impact on the world. So we’re all waiting for your answers.

  • Are you asking how to grow your desire to serve?
  • Are you asking for direction in your unique service mission?
  • Are you asking to further reveal your passions and talents?
  • Are you asking if you have the patience to wait for direction?
  • Are you asking if you have the persistence to let the journey unfold for a lifetime?
  • Are you asking if you have the discipline to put actions behind your answers?

Consider these questions as you pray, mediate and find time for reflection.

What else are you asking yourself these days?

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