Four amazing anniversaries you may not be celebrating.


My anniversary was this weekend which makes this post rather special for me. Anniversaries allow you to relive and honor memories long after an event has passed. For me that event was a marriage, but I also celebrate the anniversary of my birth, my children’s birth, and the birth of all of my close family and friends. To celebrate wedding anniversaries and birthdays just seems natural. We could let these days pass by unmarked, but we instinctually realize that by celebrating them annually we renew our gratitude for the original gift. On my anniversary, I’m celebrating with my husband but I’m also thanking God for sending him into my life. So the celebration may be between two people, but the expression of gratitude is really quite personal and doesn’t require much fanfare.

Here are 4 anniversaries you may not be celebrating now, but should consider. This doesn’t have to be an outward celebration. Truthfully, nobody other than you even needs to know about it. You can just set a day to remind yourself to be especially grateful because that’s what an anniversary is all about. And as said previously, building more gratitude in your heart WILL mold you into a better server.

Four amazing anniversaries

  1. The day you gave up something that wasn’t serving your life anymore. Was it a substance you were abusing? Was it an unhealthy attachment to someone? A compulsion to outspend your means? A job you hated? A life that wasn’t authentic? Either way, at one time this thing had a hold on you. And now it doesn’t. Set an annual day to celebrate and thank God for seeing you through to the other side.
  2. The day you met a close friend. If you aren’t sure of the exact date agree on your best guess and celebrate that day every year. You can do it together, but this is more about your acknowledgement that they are a blessing in your life. Remember on this day that there was once a time that you could not lean on them, but now you can.
  3. The day you met a pivotal teacher in your life. This is similar to the day you met a friend, but this person may not share a friendship with you. They may have been your boss or a high school teacher. They may have been someone you didn’t even like at the time. But if they came into your life and left you forever different (for the better) you should take a day to celebrate that.
  4. The day you met God. Try to pinpoint one day that stands out for you as the day you first felt God’s presence in your life. This is the day you went from just assuming there was a God to knowing there is God. This is the day your world expanded and the seeds of peace, gratitude and service started growing in your life. This day changed everything. This day is truly worthy of an anniversary. Celebrate it.

What else should we be celebrating?

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