Are you going where you’re celebrated?


Last week our family dog (who goes by the names of Dillon, Deacon, and/or Deac) stayed with my parents while we were away on vacation. Now Deac makes himself comfortable almost anywhere, but he notices the differences from being at our house. Since my mother is not much of a “dog person” she didn’t spend much time focused on him. She also prefers that he not have free reign of their house. That said, his physical needs are definitely well met there. And it’s possible they serve him even better since they walk him much more frequently.

Being Celebrated

Yesterday, my parents came over for a visit and my father commented on how happy Deac seemed to be back in his own home. This while one of the boys was rubbing his tummy and I was affectionately calling his name. My father said, “Deac has the right idea. Go where you’re celebrated!

He then explained to me the biblical context of choosing to be around people that value, serve and are prepared to grow with you. And most importantly, these people sincerely want you around and make it known.

So today’s post will be fairly short and sweet, but will ask you to consider these three crucial questions on your own.

  1. What does it mean to be celebrated versus served?
  2. Are you actively choosing to go where you’re celebrated?
  3. Do you create an environment where others feel celebrated by you?

As always, the floor is open for comments.

Would love to hear from you.

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