Here’s to new beginnings. 10 people and places to put behind you.


“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”

–Lazurus Long

The word for this month is “graduating”. A graduation happens anytime you end something so you can make space for something even better. Endings are powerful because they allow us an opportunity to shape our lives in a new direction. Though rarely convenient and often difficult, they give us a chance to choose a different path. They can also limit distractions that are keeping us stuck in one place. So if you’re in the mood to shake things up a bit, consider these 10 people or places worth graduating from.

  1. Graduate from places that consistently drain your energy. You’ll need stamina to serve.
  2. Graduate from people that make you doubt yourself. You’ll need confidence to serve.
  3. Graduate from places that breed fear in you. You’ll need courage to serve.
  4. Graduate from people that are making you resentful. You’ll need forgiveness to serve.
  5. Graduate from places that aren’t challenging you to be better. You’ll need to keep growing as you serve.
  6. Graduate from people that are making you boastful. You’ll need humility to serve.
  7. Graduate from places that are isolating you from diverse experiences. You’ll need understanding to serve.
  8. Graduate from people that are making you callous or indifferent to others. You’ll need compassion to serve.
  9. Graduate from places that give you a negative outlook on life. You’ll need a hopeful spirit to serve.
  10. Graduate from people that make you doubt your faith. You’ll end up believing in miracles when you serve.

What are you graduating from? And why?

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