Channel the joy of July. Service needs unique to the summer.


If I had to describe July with just one word it would be “indulgence”. That word might surprise you as July is a month of skimpier clothes and lighter meals. But for some, July is also a month of vacations and celebrations. It is a month of summer parties and outdoor concerts. The month of July may find you blessed to be by a pool, beach or grill. There is almost no end to the wonderfully indulgent thoughts that pop into my head when thinking about the month of July.

It’s a great thing to take pleasure in the indulgences of life. I highly recommend taking joy from your summer surroundings. You may also want to consider channeling some of that joy into service. July poses a few unique opportunities to serve our communities.

Summer Serving

  1. Pay attention and get help. Try to look up from your phone (not as easy as it sounds) when walking near parked cars this summer. You may see a child or animal that was left unattended in a dangerously hot car. It’s a small effort that may prevent a tragic story.
  2. Donate to your local food bank. The summer break is the busiest time of year for many food banks (not the holidays). More families are in need of additional meals that their children previously received during the school day. To take it a step further, you and/or your children can run a mini-food drive by passing out flyers and collection bags. You can then retrieve your neighbors food for one large donation.
  3. Drag out fall clothes. Do you have school-age kids? Do your kids have fall clothes (jeans, shirts, etc.) in good condition that no longer fit them? If so, make a point to donate them this month. That allows time for organizations to get clothes ready for August back-to-school needs.
  4. Not everyone has protection from the heat. July is a perfect time to make donations to the organizations that set up cooling centers in your community. Your donations will support centers that will save lives this month.
  5. Don’t forget to check in. Stop by and check on the elderly or anyone that you think may be living without relief from the hot weather. Even if they don’t need help, knowing you care goes a long way.

What are some other ways to serve in July?


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