Pay attention. Risk is asking questions and you’re answering.


I resigned from my job this week. It feels odd to even be sharing that. But this may be the best place to do it. I often feel as if we’re on an intimate journey together. So I want to be transparent about what my journey looks like right now. I hope you’ll do the same.

I’m leaving a good job. I knew where my career path was leading. And I felt supported. I don’t take lightly what a blessing it was to have that job (or any job).

The decision is made, but it still feels risky and sometimes foolish. That is why this post is about the concept of risk. Risk is on my mind. To me, risk feels like a series of questions that begs each and every one of us to answer. If we don’t take time to contemplate the questions, our lives will still reflect the answers. Even in the most conservative of gambles we reveal our relationship with risk. Ask yourself:

  • What should I be willing to risk?
  • When is the right time to take a risk?
  • Why should I be willing to take a risk?
  • Who is worth taking a risk on?
  • Am I strong enough to risk failing?
  • Do I have enough faith to lean on when I’m afraid?

There is one distinct pattern I’ve noticed about the readers here – you instinctively know that you are needed in this world. You know that you have powerful gifts inside and a destiny to follow. Some of you definitely know what your gifts are already. Others are just beginning your journey to reveal them and walk into your purpose. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Either way, the journey to live a life of service requires that we get comfortable with risk. Whether that is risking emotional vulnerability or risking financial security. Risk takes many forms and what’s right for me definitely may not be right for you. But whenever you feel the pull of purpose and the greater call to serve, you will likely feel the pang of risk. And you may hear risk’s questions being whispered all around. I hope you will take the time to deliberately and thoughtfully answer them for yourself.

What are you risking right now?

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