A new season for Simply Service.


Simply Service was launched in 2013 with a broad focus to include the philanthropic, volunteer and relationship aspects of service. I thank you for being a part of that vision as a frequent reader and subscriber. Your comments, support and questions shaped my life in many ways.

After much reflection, Simply Service will be officially relaunched on September 3, 2018 centering specifically on the career and work life aspects of service. My goal is to create a site that will support you as you discover and birth the work of your life. To learn more about the new site, please visit the updated Purpose page. To learn more about me and my work, please visit Kourtney’s story.

Let’s stay together.

I wanted to give you time to consider whether your work life is all you hoped it would be and if the new Simply Service site would be of value to you. If so, I hope you will stay with me in this next season. All content from previous years has been archived under the category “Older Content”. If there was a post you loved from that time you can still find it on the blog.

I look forward to connecting again soon.

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