There’s no point in dreaming if you don’t believe. Setting your intention for a better work life.


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you want more from your work life. You dream of getting up on a Monday morning filled with joy to do work that matters. You want to rise full of energy ready to engage in work that not only pays your bills, but expands your consciousness and reinforces the spiritual life you are trying to lead.

That’s the dream. It’s an amazing and achievable dream, but it is not yet your reality. It may not be the reality of anyone you know. Do you believe it can be for you?

Dreams come easy. Believing in them is hard.

This Week’s Intention

The first step of creation is always sparked by an intention. In this case, our intention is to open ourselves up to the vulnerability of believing in this dream. I’m not talking about thinking about the dream. I am talking about embedding this dream deep in your heart and soul. Maybe you had this dream once upon a time and you gave it up. You’ll need to bring it back to life.

My intention is to believe that joy and fulfillment from work will be my destiny.

Believing is all I want you to focus, pray and mediate on for this week. It is where we have to start our journey together if you hope for a better work life. Is what I described above your dream? Are you willing to truly believe in it?

Once your intention is set, bring that intention to your daily prayer, journaling or meditation time this week. Say the words to yourself before you begin each workday. You may need to say it more often if you find yourself exhausted or especially irritated. We’ve all been there, but we don’t have to stay there. For now, just believe.

See you next week!

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