Can you truly be yourself at work? Setting your intention to reveal your fullest self.

Spirtual ServiceIf this weekend in Virginia is any indication, I will soon be packing up and putting away the items that served me well this summer. Whenever I switch over my closet for the winter, I inevitably find a lost item (usually a bathing suit) I failed to unpack. I look at it sadly, knowing that I missed an opportunity to use and enjoy it.

In our work lives there may be entire parts of our personalities that never make it to our place of employment. They stay “packed up” and reserved for our personal or spiritual life. Which brings us to our focus for this week – giving ourselves permission to bring our fullest self out into the open and especially into our work lives.

Your true self is the only person capable of your highest work.

This week’s intention

What part of yourself has the world told you to play down or put away entirely to be successful? Did being naturally sensitive turn into being “too emotional” to be viewed as a steady leader or a shrewd negotiator? Did being naturally expressive create too much transparency for workplace politics? Have you been made to feel that wanting a balanced life was a sign that you aren’t motivated enough or not a team player?

This week we need to drag out all of the glorious traits, desires and needs we have packed up and put away in the name of being someone else’s definition of the right kind of leader, colleague or employee. The version of ourselves we bring to work attracts our future opportunities. Do you want to steer yourself to a work environment you can fully thrive in or do you want to “fit the mold” even if that keeps you at a place that isn’t right for you?

My intention is to honor my authentic traits by allowing them to show up in my work life.

This week we are setting an intention to let our fullest and truest selves rise back to the surface. What are you like at home? What were you like as a child? Is this the person you are bringing into work each day? If not, take this week to reflect on what parts of yourself may be packed up and why. Bring this intention to your prayer, journaling and meditation time. This may not seem like much of a task, but it is an important step toward finding and doing your highest work. The world needs every bit of who you really are.

See you next week!

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