Are you already where you need (or have) to be right now? Setting an intention to be content at work and stay the course.


We saw it coming for some time, but this week it was confirmed that my youngest son is finally taller than the oldest. Clearly, they are both perfect in their mother’s unbiased opinion. Neither is winning nor losing, but I still got the sense that my oldest felt like he was falling behind a little.

Life (and social media in particular) can make us feel like we are falling behind in our work life if we aren’t constantly announcing a new success, new project or new job. And don’t get me wrong, those moments are exciting. Yet, the real work is accomplished in the humble and quiet points between each change.

Last week’s post focused on accessing if it was time for a change, and for some of you it might be. This week is about choosing to be satisfied with where you are – if where you are is where you need (or have) to be. Maybe you love your current job or you have too much on your plate right now to even think about adding a change at work. Some of you are already in fairly new jobs or haven’t accomplished what you came there to do. It’s okay to be content with where you are – and it’s important to stay the course.

There’s nothing worse than being exactly where you need to be, but still feeling dissatisfied and restless.

This week’s intention

We will talk more about how to move toward change next week. Change gets all the glory, but it is during times of stillness that we fulfill our purpose. This week’s intention is to be deliberate about cultivating contentment and staying the course.

My intention is to find meaning in my experience and trust the process.

The goal of our time together is to be deliberate in your intention to get the most out of every work experience, so the world gets the most out of you. Between times of change, ask yourself how can you make your work life more meaningful and infuse joy? Perhaps you want to be more deliberate about your gratitude practice, forgive a boss or coworker for a previous grievance or connect more deeply with the people around you? Is there a skill you have the opportunity to learn that can be leveraged in the next assignment? Does this job provide much needed security, flexibility or time to recharge?

The hardest part is to pause long enough to think about it. Which is why I want to encourage you this week to simply create the space to do just that – think and appreciate.

See you next week!

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