What comes next? Preparing for change and seeking wisdom.


When we were children, we tried to navigate change on our own. Change still felt exciting and we weren’t afraid of what might come next.

For my son, the idea of leaving for college is a welcomed change. I’m the one that needs help with the transition. I’ll be moving from the hands-on mothering years to something else – something yet to be defined. I know this new season will bring new opportunities for me as well, but I don’t know what they will be. I see clearly what I’m losing, but it’s unclear to me what comes next.

People who have been where you’re going can help you find your way.

This week’s intention

Let’s not sugar coat change. Some seasons in our lives will change with beauty and ease, but those will be few and far between. Most changes are both out of our control and come with a loss of some kind. Sometimes we have to find a new normal not because we chose to or want to, but because we have to. I work with many people going through these kinds of changes in their work life – a job is ending unexpectedly, a new boss negatively changes the culture, or a need to care for a child, family member in distress or aging parent forces a career pivot. Sometimes they are retiring or dealing with a medical issue.

We all need mentors and caring souls that have been through the life experiences we are about to go through. These people help us find our way, but first we have to find them.

Are you going through a life or work transition right now or might you be in the near future? Are you ready to think about what comes next and if so, who do you know that has been where you are and came out the other side?

My intention is to seek wisdom from the experiences of others.

This week, let’s take time to simply open our hearts to the wisdom of others. Next week, we will focus more on finding mentors, but for this week the only task is to get ready. It’s a small shift, but a big step. Pray about wisdom and your ability to hear, see and discern it. Meditate to quiet your mind and settle your spirit. Journal about wisdom – what it means to you, who has it and why you want to attract more of it.

See you next week!

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