What are you afraid of? Making choices rooted in love.


If you live in the US, and own a television, you are well aware that Election Day is tomorrow. Hopefully, you are filled with pride and duty to be voting. But also, you may be looking forward to sitting down in front of your television again without inescapable attack ads. Like many, I know there has to be a better way to engage in campaigning. But since many people make decisions rooted in fear, the frightening ads continue.

Fear based decisions grow our capacity for fear. Love based decisions grow our capacity for love.

This week’s intention

Frankly, if able, voting is the most important thing you will do this week – physically, emotionally, politically and spiritually. There is a lot on the line for many people and I want to encourage you to use your opportunity to speak up for what you believe in.

My intention is to make choices rooted in love.

But once Tuesday has passed, shift your prayers and reflection to how fear and love may be impacting your life and work. Journal about your fears and your desire to work in love.

  • Is fear driving any of your current business dealings or career decisions? Are you worried about your future safety or security?
  • Are you engaged in a line of work that profits from fear or builds in love? How does that impact you personally?
  • Are you building a broad and diverse professional network? If not, what is holding you back? Do you harbor any fears about certain groups of people?

This is your private time and nobody will know any of your answers, but it is important to do this work and be honest with yourself. It is impossible to  live in love when we are making decisions anchored in fear.

Next week, we will return to the topic of relationships. In the meantime, vote and encourage others to do so as well. See you soon!

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