How fast are you running? Setting the pace of your life.


Moving slower is rarely considered a good thing in business, but some of the best things in my life happen at a slower pace. (Insert pause while I thank God for my crock pot.) If your life is anything like mine right now, your pace is speeding up – not slowing down. It’s the week before Christmas and I’m getting a lot done, but this pace leaves little room for renewal and creativity.

The pace we move determines what we see around us.

This week’s intention

The view is different when I’m looking out the window as my car speeds down the street than if I’m taking a leisurely walk in my neighborhood. At a slower pace, different things draw my attention and the world inevitably feels more detailed and beautiful on those walks.

A slower pace is essential to cultivating inspiration and discernment which guide us to our best work decisions. This is why I want to encourage you to stop and consciously assess the pace of your life before heading into 2019.

My intention is to set aside dedicated time for reflection.

I hope you’re making the time for reflection and the promise of your work in the coming year. Here are the links to week 1, week 2, and week 3’s questions if you need to catch up.

This week’s questions are:

Did the pace of my life in 2018 leave enough room for inspiration, creative flow, and rest?


What changes can I make in 2019 to further optimize the pace of my life?

We do have a say in the pace of our lives, but only if we stop long enough to notice the speed we’re traveling at and make adjusts where needed. Are your weekends restorative or rushed? Are you in need of a wind down routine before bedtime or dedicated spiritual practice in the mornings? What things should you do less of next year to slow the pace of your life?

This post hits close to home as it is obvious to me that I need more downtime in 2019. The hard part will be finding the space for it. What am I going to stop doing or do differently? That’s probably enough to think on for one week.

See you next week!

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