Do you need a trip down memory lane? What the past is here to teach us.


When loss strikes close to home, I find myself waking up from the fog of routine life and remembering just how precious the people around me truly are. Over the past week, I’ve been walking through the world more connected to my heart than usual. This feeling prompted me to spend time during a snowy weekend at home going through old pictures and cherishing each memory. Some of the people in my pictures are no longer living which made those memories more meaningful, and painful at times. But my yearning for the past also reminded me that I still have a huge opportunity to love.

Reflecting on the past can remind us to appreciate the opportunities of the present.

This week’s intention

I won’t get another shot at directly expressing love to my grandfather, that childhood friend that died tragically, or countless other people I’ve lost. Our only opportunity to express love is with the living so we have to take our chances while we have them. Oddly enough, the private and personal act of expressing love impacts our work life as well. Everything in our lives will be better and more powerful when we are loving as hard as we possibly can, to include our work.

My intention is to use the present moment to express love.

This week, take a moment to cherish your loving memories. Notice how pure they feel. Notice how precious routine interactions in the past are to you now. And take that understanding into the rest of your week. Reach out to the people you love and tell them how you feel. Don’t wait and don’t consider it a waste of productive time. Love fuels the human spirit from creativity to capacity to stamina. Adding loving tasks to your to-do list will be time well spent.

See you next week!

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