Are you asking for what you want? Feeling and using your power.


If there’s a secret to offer negotiation, it lies in your ability to be strong and ask for what you want. The candidate with the longer list of requests may only get half of them, but still end up with a lot more than the person that only asked for one thing (or worse, didn’t ask for anything).

Do you feel comfortable asking for what you want at work? Are you comfortable asking for more money in a job offer or a business deal? Do you ask for the work assignments you’d enjoy most?

How about asking for something personal? Are you comfortable asking a friend to check on you more? Are you comfortable telling someone when you don’t want to volunteer, or go to their event, or eat what they cooked?

All of these things are tied together, as our work and our personal lives often are. Your ability to see and be honest about what you want dictates what you ultimately receive and how you experience your life.

You will not feel powerful, if you never use your power.

This week’s intention

This week, I want to encourage you to pray and meditate on your power.

Pay attention to any opportunity you have to be honest about what you want. I’m not talking about making ultimatums or nagging. Asking for what you want is a simple exercise of voicing what is true for you, without demands or expectations.

My intention is learn how to connect with, respect, and voice my truth.

Do you want to attend that training your colleague took a few months ago? If so, tell your boss.

Are you overloaded with tasks in the office or at home and in need of additional support? If so, don’t keep it to yourself.

Do you want to change roles at your company? If so, tell your mentor.

Do you hate your job? If so, tell your spouse, your financial advisor, or yourself in the mirror. But use your power to voice what is true, because you cannot find your way to your authentic life if you aren’t seeing clearly.

Be strong and see you next week!

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