Will your worst fear come true? Dealing with rejection.


“Just be yourself.” Adults frequently say this to the children we love.

And we want them to take our advice and bravely grow up without losing the parts of their natural disposition and personality that we know to be unique, God-given, and sacred.

Yet they may find themselves rejected simply from taking our advice. They may boldly express their gifts only to be labeled as bossy, nerdy, silly, stupid, too loud, weird, or uncool in some other way.

When this happens to the children I love, I get angry. I beg them to not let anyone define how they show up in life. Deep down, what I really want is for them to never have to face rejection again. But I know that’s not how life works.

Rejection will happen and it will hurt.

This week’s intention

As adults, rejection hurts just as much. I still fear it and maybe you do too. I cringe at the idea that I might put my true self out into the world only to be judged or ridiculed. But my greater fear is that I will become too afraid to follow my callings because I’m trying to avoid rejection from the people I’m not meant to serve.

My intention is to accept the real and natural fear of rejection, but pursue my highest work anyway.

This week, I want you to journal and pray about your relationship with rejection. What are some of your earliest experiences with it? How did that shape who you are today? Does fear of rejection stop you from fully revealing and/or using any of your gifts? What does the world lose when you hold yourself back?

See you next week!

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