Do you celebrate the wins? Giving yourself credit.


You know how to spot and critique your failures; you track the things you messed up on, never got done, or haven’t gotten done yet. But what about your successes in life? Are you paying attention to the times when you get it right?

As many of you already know, my first book will be published tomorrow. It’s called WORKING WHOLE: How to Unite Your Spiritual Beliefs and Your Work to Live Fulfilled. This book is the culmination of four years of work (five, if you count the year I didn’t do anything except chastise myself for not getting started). What has held my attention over the last few years are the things that delayed writing, editing errors, and failed marketing efforts. But what should be holding my attention, this week especially, is the reality that something that didn’t exist previously—now does. No matter what happens next, that is worth celebrating.

We will never reach a final destination called “success”, so we better celebrate whenever we can.

This week’s intention

I’ll be quick this week, but celebrating our wins (big or small) is something that many of us need to spend extra time reflecting on.

My intentions is to recognize and celebrate my contributions to the world.

What have you used your talents and precious labor to create? This doesn’t have to be a tangible thing, like a book. It can be a work idea or volunteer project that you brought to fruition, a coworker that relies on you to keep them sane and competent, students you have taught and inspired, or clients that are better off because they interacted with you. What have you done well recently and have you really taken the time to celebrate it? If not, do it this week.

Cheers and see you soon!

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