Do you take your own advice? Seeking internal wisdom.


Who do you turn to when you need advice? Often times we seek guidance from others, but expertise and insight are things we all have.  The hard part is taking the time to connect with, listen to, and then trust our own wisdom.

My first book, Working Whole was published six days ago. It’s a book about how to unite your spiritual beliefs with your work. Last week especially, I’ve had to be deliberate about taking my own advice so I could live and work with surrender and patience. I had to keep reminding myself, several times a day, to trust the process.

The more important the lesson, the easier it is to forget.

Frequently we can be the same supporters and counselors to ourselves that we are to other people. When we are struggling with an issue or to live out the things we deeply believe, we need to pause to seek our own internal wisdom. If you are like me, many of the hardest experiences of your life have taught you important lessons that deserve to be remembered.

This week’s intention

This week, pause to consider if you are listening to yourself and taking your own advice? What are the things people seek your advice on and how well are you heeding your own instructions? Do you encourage others more than you encourage yourself?

My intention is to take my own advice.

If you journal, take some time to list out what you “know for sure” or frequently advise others on. How well are you integrating those ideas into your own life? Do you offer yourself the same level of grace, love, and support as you advise others to give themselves? If not, make time this week to be still so you can pray and mediate on your ability to trust and implement the things you already know to be true.

See you next week!

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WORKING WHOLE: How to Unite Your Spiritual Beliefs and Your Work to Live Fulfilled 


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