Are you ready to blossom? Capturing the pace of progress.


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Welcome to spring!

If you’re like me, you can barely wait for the blooming to begin.

And that’s a common theme in life.

We want the fruits of our labor, but without having to endure the slow pace of progress.

Spring, however, is thrilling from beginning to end. We get excited at the mere suggestion of change and how it pulls us out of the cold winter. We cherish each step that takes us from early spring and delivers us into the magnificent bounty of summer.

Our theme for this season centers on the gorgeous pace of growth – when it starts, how it develops, and the point in which it fully takes hold and blooms. 

The section below contains a key seasonal exercise to help you embrace the slow yet magical process of change.

May you have a whole-hearted and transformative spring!

Take care,

This season’s exercise

Fully bloomed flowers do not look at all like the seeds they sprouted from and have to adjust to life above the surface. Anything that grows must change.

–Working Whole

Capture the pace of progress


Observe growth. Collect pictures. Track changes.

Our exercise for this season is meant to help us notice and appreciate the perfectly timed and never rushed pace of growth.

  • Identify something around you that is growing (maybe a plant, bush, flower, tree, animal, or baby).
  • Start taking pictures in regular intervals (every day if possible, but at least once a week).
  • Look for differences between the pictures. Take time to notice even small changes and capture them in your next photo.
  • Journal about the new growth you see, reflect on the pace of change, and meditate on the seasons of life.

I’d love to see your pictures. Feel free to tag me on social media or send them directly via email. You can always find me here.

See you soon!

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