What’s your perfect day? Discovering joy.


Today is one of those unbelievably gorgeous spring days – it’s perfect. The birds are singing. There’s a steady warm breeze. It is sunny, but not hot. The flowers and trees are blooming and you can’t help but feel the renewal in the air.

A day like today is rare. But it reminds me of all the things in nature that bring me joy. And I work to spot them even in less perfect weather. Sometimes it’s still sunny, but cold. Or the flowers are still blooming, but it’s hot and humid. Later this week, the steady breeze will stay, but also give way to spring showers.

Exploring perfect days helps us discover the many things that spark joy.

This week’s intention

In nature, I have to wait and hope for good weather. But in our work lives, we have the opportunity to craft better days simply from knowing what things bring us joy in other areas of our life.

So this week, I have only one question for you to explore:

What would your perfect day(s) look like?

The purpose of imagining the details of your perfect day is to know what experiences bring you joy so you can seek to move closer to ideal whenever possible (more on this next week).

For now, grab your journal and spend the entire week exploring your UNIQUELY perfect day. If needed create more than one day, but make sure each day fills you with the same level of excitement simply from thinking about it.

My intention is to explore what brings me joy.

Your perfect day:

  • Would it be scheduled, unscheduled, or a mix of both?
  • Would you be at home or somewhere else in the world?
  • Who is with you and when are they with you?
  • What would you wear?
  • What time would you get up?
  • What would you eat for breakfast?
  • How would you spend your morning?
  • Would you exercise?
  • Would you check the news?
  • Would you listen to an audiobook or a podcast?
  • Would you pray or meditate?
  • Would you drive?
  • Would you walk anywhere?
  • What would you eat for lunch?
  • What activities would you fit into your afternoon?
  • Would you take a nap?
  • How much time would you spend outside?
  • Who cooked your meals?
  • Would you watch anything on TV?
  • Would you choose to read a book?
  • Would you go to work?
  • Are there topics you’d love to talk to people about?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Would you scroll through social media?
  • Would you post about your day?
  • What would you choose to think about?
  • Would there be music?
  • What would you have for dinner?
  • Would you have dessert?
  • What would you do between dinner and bedtime?
  • Would you choose to touch anyone?
  • Would your surroundings be neat and organized or properly disordered?
  • What time would you fall asleep?

Have fun planning and see you next week!

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