What are you looking forward to? Improving your days.


This is a Part II in a series on joy.

If you spent last week thoroughly imagining and journaling on your perfect day, or a series of perfect days, then you are ready to jump right in.

If not, you can find last week’s post here. Start with that exercise first.

This week’s intention

Your goal for this week is to take your perfect day(s), break it down into pieces and look for ways to incorporate small parts of those days into your regular life.

My intention is to bring more joyful experiences into my days.

The more detailed you made your perfect day, the more you will have to work with, but let’s consider a short example I received from social media.

A day at the beach with no pressure, a great book, some great sunblock and a refreshing drink.

So let’s break this down a little more and see what experiences bring them joy:

  • Creating a slower pace
  • Feeling no pressure to be anywhere
  • Being outside
  • Being in the sun
  • Being near the ocean
  • Feeling the warm air
  • Feeling the breeze
  • Sitting and relaxing
  • Reading, so not talking
  • Reading, so not thinking or planning other things
  • Reading something that interests them
  • Taking care of their skin/body
  • Enjoying a tasty and refreshing drink
  • Taking time to notice how much they’re enjoying the drink
  • Taking time to do only what they want to be doing
  • Being fully in control of their time


If you fully completed last week’s exercise, you will have a lot more to breakdown and work with. In doing so, imagine how you might take a few of the items from your list and start incorporating them into your regular life.

For the example above, ideas may be:

  • Getting to the ocean isn’t something they can do frequently, but sitting still and relaxing is.
  • Going outside is possible most days.
  • Reading a book is something they can do at lunchtime.
  • Having more unscheduled time is possible if they plan for it and say “no” more.

Work on doing your own breakdown this week. You don’t have to start making any changes just yet, but start creating lists and thinking about what might be possible.

We’ll take the last step next week. See you then!

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