Are you ready to change? Making peace with discipline.

What does discipline mean to you? Does the word scare you or fill you with a sense of shame? If it brings up negative feelings for you, know that this is the case for many of us.  We know we need discipline but feel like we fall short of having it or continually fail in trying to achieve it. When we hear “discipline” we’re reminded of all the self-control we seem to lack.

But my definition of discipline is a belief in the unlimited human potential to grow and evolve. We are all disciplined, whether we know it yet or not.

Being disciplined means we have the ability to align our habits in the human world with what our soul desires. While many people associate discipline with rigidity (or willpower), it is more closely correlated with the gentle flexibility to change—being open to changing what is no longer working for us to something that does.

Discipline allows us to find, follow and grow into future work callings that are beyond our present capabilities. New dreams need discipline to flourish. Our spiritual belief in discipline shifts our focus from who we have been to who we can be.

What does discipline mean to you? Is it something you think you have or that you think you lack? Could you imagine yourself changing into someone that was highly disciplined? To actually change your habits—even in small ways—you will need to believe that you can be disciplined.


 This week, I want you to start by thinking about your current relationship with discipline. If you already have a copy of Working Whole, revisit the chapter on discipline and be sure to do the exercises.

No matter what, spend this week reflecting on discipline and what part it plays in your life—and what part you want it to play. Journal and pray to reveal the barriers that block your ability to change.

  • Do you believe you can change?
  • Do you think discipline plays a role in your spiritual practice?
  • How does discipline impact your work life?

Write, pray and meditate on discipline every day this week.

Wishing you a peaceful and intentional week.

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