When’s your anniversary? Celebrating how far you’ve come.

May is my favorite month because it marks both Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary. To celebrate, my husband and I rarely go for a fancy dinner, but instead schedule a long road trip filled with lots of conversation and laughter. It is always time well spent.

Anniversaries give us a chance to honor the important milestones in our lives. We could let these days pass by without observing them, but by celebrating them, we refresh our gratitude for the people and experiences that have shaped us the most. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate yourself for things you’ve accomplished.

Here are three anniversaries you may not be currently celebrating in your life, but that you may want to start commemorating even if you don’t know the actual day. Each one has an impact on your life and work.

  • The day you gave up something that wasn’t serving you anymore. Was it an unhealthy attachment to someone? A compulsion to outspend your means? Was it a vice you were numbing yourself with? A job you hated? A life that wasn’t authentic? Either way, at one time this thing had a hold on you, and now it doesn’t. Be proud of yourself for making this change.
  • The day you met a teacher that changed your life. They may have been your boss, a colleague or a former mentor. They may have been someone you didn’t even like or someone that hurt your feelings. But if they came into your life and left you forever stronger or wiser, you should celebrate this.
  • The day your spiritual connection became real. This is the day you went from hoping there was more to your life than the daily grind to finding your path to contentment and joy. This is the day your heart expanded and the earliest seeds of peace, gratitude and service started growing in your life. This day changed everything.


Pick a day this week to celebrate at least one of these important milestones. This doesn’t have to be an outward celebration. Truthfully, nobody other than you even needs to know about it. But make the day special in some way—wear your favorite outfit, treat yourself to a prayer outside, add an extra meditation, do an invigorating workout or sneak away for a long, pleasant lunch break.

Happy anniversary, and may you have a peaceful and intentional week ahead.

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