Who do you need to thank? Uniting gratitude and work.

Meaningful work and gratitude are like a happy marriage. Just like life partners help each other live better, grow and thrive, meaningful work and gratitude work in harmony to positively impact each other.

When working with purpose, you will inevitably find yourself drawn to expressing and practicing gratitude, particularly to those who have helped you along your journey.


One practice that has always helped me anchor in gratitude is sending out thank you emails to people that have made a difference in my life and career. This activity often brightens my day just as much as the person receiving it.

Below are examples of people you may want to take the time to thank this week. If possible, plan to reach out to at least one of them and share how they impacted your life. If they are no longer with us or you are unable to reach out, still spend time going over the list below and jotting down the people that fit these descriptions. This exercise will help you explore and connect more deeply with gratitude, which will, in turn, bring more meaning and intention into your work.

Can you thank:

  • The person who showed you what a good leader looks like
  • The person who taught you how to teach others
  • The person who listened when you couldn’t hold it in any longer
  • The person who taught you that laughter has the power to heal
  • The person who overlooked a mistake when you felt you should be chastised for it
  • The person who always had time for you
  • The person who gave you that compliment you’ll never forget
  • The person who believed in you when you couldn’t believe in yourself
  • The person who had a good reason to judge you, but didn’t
  • The person who played a small role in one of your major life decisions
  • The person who helped you when you definitely weren’t at your best
  • The person who prayed for you

I trust that in thinking of and reaching out to these people, you’ll experience immense gratitude that will benefit your work.

Wishing you a peaceful and intentional week.

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