What else can you do? Praying with action.


Our thoughts and prayers are bursting at the seams. There’s an endless need to send them into the world, toward our own country, and to help the people we love.

But what else, if anything, can you do?

This week’s intention

We need to give up on the idea of perfect service or perfect giving because it is significantly limiting our impact on the world.

“My actions are too small to make a difference.”

Does the idea above resonate with you? For most people, it does.

We think that if we aren’t a wealthy philanthropist or able to quit our job to work in politics or launch a cause, we can’t do anything to make this world better besides pray.

Prayer is comforting and powerful, but you may be called to do more. This week, I simply want you to make time to ask yourself the question: What else can you do?

My intention is to allow myself to be moved to action.

Try to keep in mind that action can be small, but it has to be deliberate and tangible. Something will always be better than nothing. Pray for discernment and direction.

Hoping you have a safe, productive, and soul-stirring week. See you soon.

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