Are you ready? Easing into change.


Journaling has become a practice that grounds and blesses me. Sometimes I go back and read words that my former self found important and I always seem to find those old hopes and intentions at just the perfect time.

Our intention this week is inspired by a post made almost a year ago. It was clearly a time when I was dreading the start of school and my work travel season. For me, and for many of us, the fall brings a new level of business.

This week’s intention

This week, I hope you will stay mindful of the gift that each day holds and trust that you are capable and prepared. I hope that you will ease into whatever this next season of life is about to bring you.

My intention is ease into this next season.

Spend this last week of August placing this intention deep in your heart when you meditate and pray.

See you next week!


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