Are you ready? Easing into change.

Journaling has become a practice that grounds and blesses me. Sometimes I go back and read words that my former self found important and I always seem to find those old hopes and intentions at just the perfect time.

I recently stumbled on a journal entry that was clearly from a time when I was dreading the restart of the school year and my work travel season. For me, the start of new seasons in my life brings a new level of busyness that can at times feel overwhelming. I’m certain I am not alone in experiencing this anxiety—many of us can feel daunted by upcoming periods of change.


If you have a new season starting in your life, I hope you will stay mindful that each day brings fresh experiences and the potential for inspiration. Trust that you are capable and prepared to navigate change, even though it can be difficult.

I hope that you will ease into whatever this change is about to bring you, and practice self-care and compassion throughout this time. Give yourself a break about needing to tackle everything all at once, and remind yourself to take it all one step at a time.

When approaching and making changes in your life, it is important to pause to anchor your intentions through meditation and prayer. Change is always challenging, but it does not have to be chaotic. When you truly welcome the growth and possibility that change brings, you will be better positioned to navigate, with greater ease, the practical and emotional workload that comes with it.

Wishing you a peaceful and intentional week.

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