What do you need? Adventure and rest.


Seeking a change in your work environment can take on many shapes and forms. There are challenging  job opportunities that will expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you. There are also safer, more comfortable jobs that affirm an important need for rest and peace.

The challenge of achieving a fulfilled work-life is to know which one aligns with your ever-changing circumstances and desires. But it’s hard to know what you really want.

This week’s intention

Are you craving a new adventure?  OR Are you worn out and drained?

Do you want to shake things up in your life? OR  Are you hoping for time to catch your breath?

My intention is to access my true needs.

Let these questions sit in your heart this week. Ask yourself: in what direction are you being pulled? Do you want to speed up your pace of growth or do you need to slow down and recharge? Are you ready for a change?

Pray, journal, mediate and reflect. Take the time to access your true needs. More on this next week.

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