What are you guarding? Protecting your time.

It’s a natural instinct to fight for the things you value most. So if you want to evaluate your priorities, it helps to take a look at your life to see what you’re protecting.

What are the things on your calendar that you will not move? Or rarely move? What do you set aside time for?

And what things have fallen into the nice to have or if you feel up to it bucket? What are the things you hope to do, but never seem to find the time for?

This week’s intention

Your challenge for this week is to identify something you want more of in your life AND to protect the time you set aside for it.

My intention is to guard time for the things I value.

Protect your time to be alone, time to rest, time in nature, time with loved ones, time to brainstorm and dream, or time to do something fun and silly. Whatever you’ve been craving, this is the week to figure out how and when you’ll treat yourself to it.

Learning to spend your time on the things you value is a critical step in pursuing your dreams. But this week, start small. Start with a bath. Start with a walk. Just start.

See you soon!

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