Who do you work for? Finding Time For Yourself.

This week, I refreshed and updated my LinkedIn profile. I’m not looking for a new job, but I thought it was time that I took my own professional brand as seriously as I tell other people to.

Often we find ourselves working for others, giving them our best advice or helping them do something important, but not taking care of ourselves in the same way.

I’m certainly guilty of this and I bet you are too.

My intention is to use my gifts on myself.

What kind of help do other people seek you out for? Is it a specific expertise or task? Are you known to be comforting, supportive or encouraging to others? What are your gifts and are you sharing them with yourself?

This idea is not meant to limit what you give to others. By all means, keep giving your time and talents away. Just make sure you are not neglecting yourself in the process.

Self care and service go hand and hand because one builds the capacity for the other.

For me, it was time to update my LinkedIn profile. Doing so, proved that I cared about growing my own network and attracting new connections. And my network matters, it empowers my life’s work.

Find one small thing you can do this week to prove to yourself that you and your work matters. Find a way to turn your gifts toward yourself.

See you soon!

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