Who’s on your team? Being Developed By Others.

What makes a good boss or mentor? Is it how much they care about you? Is it how they make your life easier in your role? Is it how they move your career forward?

While I’ve worked with and for many smart and kind people, it’s the leaders that significantly grew my skills that I remember most. These types of people are critical to realizing your potential and you have to be deliberate in seeking these individuals out.

Whether you have a traditional boss or work for yourself, assessing your support and development team is something you should do every six to twelve months.

Ask yourself:

  • What specific skills am I trying to improve?
  • Am I learning from the people I work with regularly?
  • Is someone taking me under their wing and helping me raise my game to the next level?


When supporting and growing others, you may have forgotten to prioritize your own development and how others can help you achieve your goals. But don’t wait a moment longer.

Take the time this week to consider the areas you want or need to grow in and create a targeted plan on how you are going to get there. Do you need to connect with experts in your field or ask someone to formally mentor you? Is it time to hire a career, business or leadership coach? Are there development conversations with your boss that you’ve been putting off?

Let these questions hold your attention and inspire your next steps. If you need additional support to help you identify or assess your key work relationships, take a look at the exercises in Part 3 of the Career Planning workbooks.

Wishing you a peaceful and intentional week.

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