What are you telling yourself? Self Talk and Destiny.

It’s amazing how many of our secret fears are widely shared.

Recently, I published an article about why thinking you can never be satisfied at work is a common and destructive belief. This harmful self-talk undermines your power and keeps you stuck in bad situations.

Know that your beliefs and self-talk habits play a huge role in your destiny. You will have to change your thinking if you hope to change your life.

My intention is to affirm my destiny with positive thoughts.

Do you believe you can be happy? Do you think you can be successful? Are you determined, disciplined, skilled and savvy?

Ask yourself these questions and pay attention when you feel hesitation.

This week, work to observe your self-talk. Don’t get upset when you discover negative or self defeating thoughts. We all have them. Simply notice them without judgement and remind yourself of your intention. You may even want to repeat your weekly intention aloud in those moments when you feel the pangs of self-judgement.

Either way, be kind to yourself this week.

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