Who will be there for you? Support and Community.

As a leader and a colleague, you’ll have many opportunities to support the people you work with. Personal relationships have the chance to flourish out of professional relationships when you show up to work with an open heart.

Over the years, I’ve worked alongside colleagues as they navigated through the losses of they navigated through the losses of family members and friends. They have had health scares, family emergencies, mental health crises and devastating divorces.

And these challenges are just the difficult times I know about—statistically, I am sure I’ve worked with people dealing with domestic violence, substance abuse problems, financial hardships and a host of other things they dared not speak about at work.

To help colleagues through these hard times, it was important that I contributed to a caring community that gave them the space to focus on their personal lives knowing that they had the compassion and support of their work family backing them up.


There will be times in your life when you are not strong enough to hold up others. In those seasons, you need community.

Other times, you’ll have the strength to build community and to support the people in your life that are hurting.

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