Start Here: Setting Weekly Intentions

Too often, it can feel easier to keep pursuing someone else’s definition of success, even when it requires countless hours of work and robs you of your peace, than it is to find the time and space to listen for your true desires. But it is precisely when we listen to our deepest needs that we can be more intentional about where we want to steer our lives.

Setting an intention is a deliberate process that allows you to examine, reflect on, and clearly state the things you want to manifest in your life. By diving into your innermost thoughts and anchoring your intentions rather than being distracted away from your purpose, you will begin to attract the people, experiences, and opportunities that move you further along in your journey toward career clarity.

When you sharpen your focus on what really matters most to you, you are able to tap into a greater source of motivation and joy in your work life. You’ll also be more effective at pursuing any goals you may have set for yourself. When living intentionally, your conscious and subconscious actions align to a greater purpose and help you get what you want much faster.

Do you want to become just a little more patient, build a greater sense of community, learn to trust in your gifts and use your voice, or positively impact the lives of your colleagues or clients? These are just some examples of the underlying intentions that can anchor your thoughts and therefore guide your actions toward creating a work life that is meaningful to you.

There are lifelong intentions and there are smaller, shorter-term intentions that fluctuate with your needs. I recommend you set a specific intention each work week or at least monthly to keep you aware of your desires as they change and shift along your path toward career fulfillment.

Reflection prompts and exercises

You’ll find an extensive list of short prompts and reflection exercises on the Intentional Living page to help you explore and set new intentions in your life. They cover a wide variety of work and life topics, so there is likely something for what you uniquely need in this moment. Feel free to browse around for whatever inspires you, if that approach suits you best.

However, if you’re someone who likes a little more structure, and are unsure where to start, I invite you to begin by selecting one of the five posts listed below or to try each one in order over the next five weeks.

While it’s not easy to prioritize yourself and become more intentional about your path forward, I know that you and your work are worth the effort and I look forward to supporting you along the way.

Talk to you soon!