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9 Ways You’re Serving

It still seems strange to me that Peyton Manning chooses to shout out “Omaha!” while calling plays. To me, it’s a tame word for him to have chosen. I probably would have gone with something like “Eagle!” or “Raptor!” or even “Dragon!”. This week’s post is being written from Omaha, Nebraska. As a girl from New […]


January Service Inspirations

There is a natural synergy with the holiday season and the spirit of serving others, but January tends to be a month when we take on self improvement, self development and other individualistic pursuits. This year, I’d like to challenge you to consider adopting a service way of life instead of restricting service and philanthropy […]


Better is Better

The title above is from a recent cell phone carrier commercial. I like this commercial. It shows kids being asked to value which one is better “more or less?”. Of course the kids say “More!” This commercial is meant to highlight that using their carrier’s service is almost a “no brainer”, something kids could easily choose. In […]


Who has the time?

Imagine a race that tested to see who was the busiest, most overwhelmed, and most exhausted. Would you win? I hope I’d lose miserably and bring great shame to my family name. But I’m guessing you’re a contender and like to win. You just look like a winner. So do you really have anymore time or energy to serve? Maybe […]