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Job Search

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come in your career—conducting a job search is emotionally taxing. It can and will shake your confidence at times and wear down your patience.

But like most challenges, if you know what to expect in advance, you can avoid making the process harder than it needs to be and instead set yourself up for success.

Coaching WOrkbooks

The purpose of these five job search workbooks is to prepare you for the practical and emotional workload you’ll inevitably encounter, and to help you create a plan to address the many vulnerable moments and private struggles you may experience along the way.

Each workbook in this job search series is designed to go deeper than standard preparation (though they do have many tactical tips) so that you focus your attention on the actions that will land you not just any job, but a better and more meaningful one.

This series is broken into five parts, with topics ranging from getting emotionally prepared, communicating your personality and needs, growing your network, and assessing and ultimately negotiating the best role for you. For maximum impact, I recommend working through them from Part 1 through to Part 5.

Download note: These workbooks are free resources available for you to download and use as needed. You will not be asked to provide your email address in exchange for the content nor will you be prompted at any time to purchase other items. However, if you’d like to be alerted when new materials are available, especially the Work Reset series which is coming soon, and receive quarterly work life tips and career advice from me, please sign up for my newsletter here.

Printing options: To conserve resources, consider printing your workbooks double-sided, or viewing most of the content on your device and only printing the worksheets you need. You could also follow along with a journal and capture your responses there.

Job search tracker: As referenced in Part 3, you can download a template to track your job search activity here.

PArt 1: Getting Emotionally Prepared

Part 2: Communicating who you are and what you want

Part 3: Reactivating and growing your network

Part 4: AUTHENTICALLY Interviewing and assessing fit

Part 5: Negotiating and choosing the right job for you

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