Kourtney’s story

Image: Photography by Jennifer Beall

For twenty years, I’ve worked to enhance the careers of others. I led teams in recruiting, career design and talent management, and served as an adviser to large Fortune 500 corporations on executive searches. I currently work to help manage the career transitions and board placements of senior industry leaders.

Having a career that is about other people’s careers doesn’t make me immune to fear and trepidation when trying to pursue the work of my own life. I personally need the community of support I am building here, and I hope you will join me.

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Image: Aviid Photography by Andre V. Dalton

Life and work

Below are a few more details about me, my quirks, my family, and my career.

  • I was born in New York City, but grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey and Virginia. Both of my parents were raised in rural towns which gave me a rare view into urban, suburban, and rural life. All three environments shaped who I am in different ways.
  • I currently live outside of Washington, DC with my husband and two teenage sons. My “empty nest” is on the horizon with both boys now in high school. I pray I’ll be ready for it. In my heart, they will forever be at the age you see above.
  • I’m deeply connected to trees. As a little girl, I would sit and talk to them. I still name the ones that surround me most closely. Lucinda is the tree outside my home office window.
  • I attended Virginia Union University for undergrad and enjoy when I can get back there for Homecoming. For grad school, I went to George Washington University and have a Master’s degree in Education & Human Development.
  • Every year, I make a calendar filled with pictures of my dog, and he is always next to me asleep when I work from home.
  • I volunteer a significant amount of time to teach public and private high school students in the Baltimore area about career choices and relationship management. I also speak on career topics for graduate students (most recently at Harvard Business School) and I enjoy participating in podcasts and workshops as a career expert.
  • I have worked at the well-known brands for talent management and management consulting. The executive search firms were Spencer Stuart and Korn Ferry. I currently work at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Here is the part where I need to clearly state that my thoughts, beliefs, advice, and opinions are my own and are not in any way meant to be affiliated with my current or previous employers. Policy followed!
  • My first book WORKING WHOLE: How to Unite Your Spiritual Beliefs and Your Work to Live Fulfilled, was published in 2019.


You can find my direct contact information, as well as other ways to stay connected here.